The Downside of Fat Freezing: What You Need to Know

Cryo lipolysis or simply known as fat freezing is a famous procedure that has been popularly been used by people since 2010. It was created through as a side effect from the research put into the study of frost bite that how fat cells freeze before he skin does. Singapore has received the technology with open arms and there are many countless users. The treatment has gained special prominence because of it noninvasive nature. Other weight loss procedures usually required the patients to go thorough surgeries to remove fat and took time in healing not to mention the scars that remained forever.

The world has favored beautiful, healthier looking and leaner people in many scenarios. Looking better builds a better and confident self-esteem. Makeup has been around for centuries, the earliest users wore rouge and darkened their eyelids in Egyptian dynasty. There has been a yearning to look attractive since forever. And now with technological advancements, looking better has never been more popular.

How It Works

Fat freezing works by freezing the fat through a device and then those fat cells are excreted naturally by the body over a weeks’ time. The more sessions the patient goes through, the more fat is reduced. It promises 20 to 40% of fat reduction over a period of 2 months. Mainly, stubborn areas of the body are targeted that are otherwise difficult to aim through exercise. Freezing fats in Singapore through this procedure is popular and well-received.

The chosen area is then put a gel over to create a gel pad so that the skin is protected and then the device is used over it. The patients are advised to take lots of fluids after the procedure and resume their normal routines with exercise. This treatment is not very cheap and before one spends a lot on it, it is better to see the other side and keep in mind that not everything is perfect.

Disadvantages of Fat Freezing

  • Fat freezing is a spot fat reduction procedure and does not remove the overall body fat of the body due to this it is not recommended for people that are overly obese.
  • This procedure is not for those people who suffer for any neurological or orthopedically diagnosed problems.
  • It is not a natural weight loss procedure and due to this the skin might not be contoured as was before the procedure.
  • It is a gradual thinning process that takes time to show results and not for those people who are seeking drastic changes.
  • It is a multiple session procedure and each session requires a time lapse of 6 to 8 weeks, because this is the time the body takes to expel the waste.
  • Weight loss is not permanent and can come back.
  • Although generally thought of as a safe treatment one side effect that it may have is paradoxical adipose hyperplasia where the cells become bigger than before after the procedure. It particularly affects those with a Hispanic ethnicity.