Forget Botox Threads, Try the New Thread Lifts

When it was first introduced in the last 1990s, the so-called ‘Thread Lift’ was treated as the kinder, gentler face lift. But side effects like scarring, lumps, and infection has created a bad image of thread lifts. Most of the women who wanted to have tighter skin have started fearing when they listen to thread lifts. But since science has gained along with advancements in this industry, the technique has become easier for the doctors too. Today, most of the dermatologists use threads that can be dissolved and this and the treatment neat and clear.

Thread lifts in Singapore are approved by the FDA and is a non-invasive process, today it is considered as the most famous among all. Since thread lifts don’t have any kind of downtime, busiest people also started taking these treatments. The best part about this treatment is that you can get it done on any part of the body and you won’t find any issues.

New Techniques

New sutures with the latest technology are made by using polydioxanone which is 100% safe for cardiovascular surgery, which has been used in thread lifts and they get absorbed by the skin itself and thus there are no marks or scars after the treatment.

Old Techniques

In previous times, the threads that are used were permanent barbed sutures. The knots were made to anchor the threads and if they are not done properly, the bumps can easily be seen. Today’s thread is performed under local anaesthesia and the process is completed in an hour max. Sutures are embedded with tiny cones and then they are inserted into the skin using a small cannula like a tool. The cones grab the skin and then lift the skin. This process helps to stimulate the collagen which further helps in making the skin tighter and provides smooth texture too.


The effects of this process can be seen instantly on the face and this would improve in the upcoming months. The average cost of thread lifts comes around $3000 to $4500 and this is way cheaper than facelifts which cost around $10000. Getting thread lifts is beneficial because it boosts the growth of collagen and allows the skin to heal up naturally. The costing also is just half of the facelift treatment.

Side Effects

Side effects that you may face are soreness, swelling and bruising which is quite similar to injectables. Since there is a very small possibility of nerve damage, you must make sure that the doctor is board certified. There are some precautions that you must take care of after having the treatment done for around a week.


In many thread lifts, fillers are used so that the wrinkles can be removed and can also be used to make skin tighter and smoother. Fillers are usually used when the skin is very saggy. Thread lifts cant replace face lifts but when used with the combination, thread lifts last for a longer period.