Different Types of Thread Lifts Available in Singapore

Do you have a lax or saggy skin? You might be searching for various tips to tighten it up. You might also be using various cosmetic products that claim to provide you tighter and smoother skin. So, do you think you are getting the results? Some of you will say, YES and some will say NO. Whatever your answer is, but the truth is that in many cases there are no results at all and thus most of them either switch over to another cosmetic or they leave hope of getting tighter and smoother skin.

But we are here to help you know how you can make your skin tighter. If you search over the internet, you will find a huge list of options claiming for skin tightening. Some therapy related, some through machines and other aesthetic procedures.

The best option for skin tightening is thread lifts. Thread lifts are a process that works on the people who have light to medium saggy skin. Given below are the types of threads that you can opt for. Read more here about what happens during a thread lift and how it works: https://www.priveclinic.com/clinic-services/facial-contouring-facelift/facial-thread-lifts/

1. NovaThreads

NovaThreads is a suture based thread lift procedure in which the sutures are done using a biocompatible material which is called PDO. The best thing about PDO’s is that they get absorbed by the body without leaving any kind of marks. NovaThreads are invisible and they remain the place for around 6 months and later on they just melt away. Novathread tread is a treatment that lasts for around a year to one and a half years. This long-lasting effect of NovaThread makes it the best for skin tightening.

NovaThreads is available in several varieties. Barbed sutures, is one of the ways that help in gathering skin and thus this process produces more lifting action on the skin. In this process, you can go for smooth sutures or barbed sutures. Smooth sutures have lesser lifts but they are good for collagen production. Barbed sutures, on the other hand, are used near the hairline surface so that the skin of cheeks and jowls can be pulled gently.

NovaThread is generally quick and easy from the patient perspective. When the process starts, you will be given local anesthesia which will numb the skin area which has to be treated. Then a cannula like a tool will be inserted into the skin along with the threads. The complete process takes around 30 to 45 mins. And then you are free.

2. Silhouette Instalift

Silhouette Instalift is also quite similar to NovaThreads but the only difference in that this process focusses more on lifting the skin than stimulating collagen production. Silhouette Instalift is also done by using biocompatible sutures. In this process, several sutures are interspersed using the tiny cones that are followed by grabbing tissues. This process allows the threads to capture more skin and which will further produce more lifted cheeks and jowls. This process also provided long-lasting results and the patient can enjoy the benefit for up to 3 years.

Both methods of Thread Lifts have their own merits and demerits. Make sure to discuss more about the same with your doctor and then make your choice.