What to Look Out for Before Trying Fat Freezing

Though the technology of fat freezing in Singapore is gaining momentum day by day, still people need to know what precautionary measures they need to take before going for one. It is also essential to know what measures one need to take after getting the procedure done.

Go to a cosmetic dermatologist or reputable aesthetic clinic

One needs to know that when body becomes cold enough, the self-destruction process of the fat cell begins. Thus, it is advised to use the controlled cooling mechanism, so the overall temperature of the body is dropped slowly and steadily.

Costs of treatment

Of course, money matters. Now it depends upon which area you live in and your choice of procedure for fat freeze. Overall cost can get to as much as $500; however, there are areas in Singapore where one can probably get it done at lower costs as well, but again make sure it should not involve any risk.

Be prepared and do your research

If you have made up your mind, then you need to first visit doctor and ask if you are perfect for the procedure. Also clear all doubts like what the aftereffects are and how should you expect to see yourself after the procedure. It is also good to ask if there are any risks involved in the procedure and what protective measures you need to take after getting the treatment.

You also must be prepared for the impacts and effects of the process, which could include bruises, scars and pinches on the operated area. Since your fat is removed, which means some changes in the body anatomy and physiology. It is also possible that your body may remain sore or swallowed for some days during the recovery time after the treatment.

You must be prepared for some uneven changes in the body as a result of this treatment as well. There is as such no specific skill set required for the process to be done, still at times some vacuum is created within the body parts due to uneven freezing process. Thus, when choosing cosmetic dermatologist in Singapore, take all corrective measures.

Understand the timeline and varying results

Don’t expect you will have the desired results immediately after the treatment. Sometimes body takes much time in getting back to new shape, sometimes sore and swallowing on the body take months in healing. In both cases, it is better to have some patience. At least after 2 to 3 months, the results will emerge.

Be consistent to maintain your desired results

It is not the end of the story here after the treatment; rather your new phase of life has just begun. Since you have undergone intense process of rigorous training and pain, you will have to keep yourself healthy and active to stay like this. Yes, it is true you will be over excited to see your body back in shape once swallowing is gone, still you will have to maintain certain lifestyle, with healthy diet and regular exercise to stay like this for good. Probably doctor recommend certain medications to be taken for sometimes, but after that your diet will determine how are you going to carry your new shape.